New Zealand Fashion Week: When​, What and How to Get Involved.

If you’re spending any time in downtown Auckland this week, you’ll probably notice the streets suddenly filled with well-dressed fashion enthusiasts. August is host to New Zealand’s Fashion Week and it’s bringing style elites along with it. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here’s what you need to know about city’s biggest fashion week of the year.

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When is New Zealand Fashion Week?

NZFW kicks off Monday, the 27th of September and runs right through to Sunday, 2nd of September. The week showcases spring 2018 collections and ready-to-wear styles presented by various popular and lesser-known designers. This includes established names like Knuefermann and emerging labels such as Not For You.

Check out this link for the full lineup.

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Where is NZFW held?

NZFW shows are normally held at the ANZ Events Centre but some designers choose to present in off-site venues throughout the city. 

What should I wear to NZFW?

Think cool, but also think comfortable. Getting from show to show at NZFW isn’t easy and trying to do it in a slim-cut suit ain’t gonna make any easier. With that said, the amount of times I’ve sacrificed comfort in the name of fashion is more than I care to share.

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How can I be a part of New Zealand Fashion Week?

Just by passing Viaduct Events Centre in something note-worthy, you’re already apart of it. NZFW isn’t solely focused on what we see on the runway; it’s also about what attendees are wearing themselves.

Just outside ANZ Events Centre, you’ll spot photographers and videographers shooting for their own platforms or purposing their images for local and international platforms.

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How do I get tickets to NZFW?

If you’re looking to attend shows Monday through Friday, these are generally invite-only or allocated to media delegates. Get your hands on a golden ticket by putting the power of your socials to the test and apply as a photographer or influencer. Having relevant high-quality content on your platforms will hold you in better stead for getting accepted.

Follow @nzfashionweek on Facebook and Instagram to see what goes on behind-the-scenes, and look forward to more coverage coming soon to Two Dark Coffees.

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