Lets chuck it down a couple gears this week. If you’re anything like me, you’ll generally run yourself to the ground. You jam pack your days, filling that 3 by 3 printed box on your calendar with everything from meetings to events. It’s at this point where we should consider slowing down our pace and kicking it back a bit.

How about starting the week the way we mean to go on? And seeing as it’s Monday, what better place to start than Mondays Wholefoods in Kingsland?

Hidden at the end of a small Kingsland lane, intertwined in vines, Mondays Wholefoods houses wholesome food and nutritious treats. Walking through the front door, Mondays reminds me of that tree house I never completed as a child. The morning sunlight streams through the vine covered windows as your eyes dart from the menu to the knick knacks on the shelves and back again.

On the menu you’ll find everything from all day breakfasts to raw super food smoothies. And between you and me, if a bowl full of roasted baby vegetables, herbed black quinoa, garden greens and Egyptian-spice dipped avocado sounds like something you might be interested in, the Buddha Bowl is the one for you.

Housing “Boxer” Supreme Coffee, you can enjoy notes of dark chocolate and hints of malt and tobacco in Mondays courtyard. Sheltered from the wind, with the smell of freshly brewed coffee under your nose, Mondays provides the perfect escape from city distractions.

Not only does Mondays have you sorted for Breakfast, Lunch and your afternoon coffee fix, but it also covers your post-beach ice-block run. From lemon, Manuka honey and ginger to flat white coffee and cream, Dr. Feelgood Ice Blocks provide a guilt-free treat with enough flavours bound to satisfy everyone. Mondays promotes a lifestyle of wellbeing. Wellbeing is a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, which is something we should stop and consider a bit more often.


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