Best Ugly Bagels

 I head to the back streets of Newmarket for two things. 1, the smell of freshly baked bagels and 2, to listen to a playlist any music enthusiast would be proud to call their own.

Located on York Street, the brick paved courtyard of Best Ugly Bagel is filled with nifty seating options and is heated by the crackle of a large outdoor fire.

With the perfect bagel in mind, Best Ugly Bagel has adopted the Montreal take on the classic ‘New York Bagel’.  Sweeter and chewier than its predecessor, it makes for a bagel you don’t to finish.

Best Ugly Bagels offer a range of bagel styles, from plain, poppyseed and sesame, to raisin or cinnamon. Choosing the most satisfying match of a topping is quite the challenge.

The classic jam option is always a winner in my books, but if you want to be a bit more adventurous, why not opt for their ‘Holey Smoke’, a combination of smoked Warehou with lemon, basil and creme fraiche.

 Open from 7am to 3pm, your morning or afternoon tea spot is sorted. Ranging in price from $3.50 to $14.00 there is something to suit everyones taste buds and wallet size.

So I recommend heading down to the corner of York Street to warm up those chilly hands next to the fire and full your stomach with a warm Montreal-style Bagel.

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