The Essentials

 1. The Cambridge Boot by Industrie Clothing, admittingly a Harry Styles inspired purchase and worth every dollar.
2. Take care of your skin with Bull Dog’s Face Scrub. Packed with essential oils and shea butter to exfoliate. I use it every night to remove dirt and dead skin cells to refresh my skin before going to bed.
3. I’ll admit, it’s great instantly capturing a moment on your smartphone but you can’t easily blue-tac those shots onto the back of your bedroom door or sneak one into a friends wallet for safekeeping. So for those reasons I recommend looking into Fujifilm’s Neo Classic.
4. Lucas Papaw – a must have next to your sink, in your wash bag or simply chucked into your school bag.
5. Rocawear Evolution by Jay-Z. With base notes of woods, amber, tonka bean and musk.
6. 120 Film bought on Queen Street at Camera & Camera – The only store in Auckland I have found to stock 120 Film.
7. And finally, a Wool Blend 5 Panel by Crate Clothing.

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