We all have to get around the city one way or another.

Lets face it, taking the bus in Auckland is a realistic nightmare. They aren’t reliable and your average bus driver’s attitude is somewhat questionable.

So this year, I’ve been taking my car into the city instead, but as you can imagine, there are a few issues that come along with that. I could buy about 2 weeks worth of frappucino goodness from Starbucks, but in turn, I’m having to spend it on a week’s worth of petrol. Then there’s the parking, which sometimes feels as if it doesn’t exist.

That is, unless you pay upwards of six dollars, which means one less coffee and slice in my books.

As you can see, it’s an issue. We need something reliable, affordable and preferably something we don’t mind hopping out of, when rolling up to an event. How does Uber sound?

 If you haven’t already heard of it, let me explain.

I’ve been keeping my eye on this company for a while now and it’s finally landed in Auckland. A couple of days ago @Uber_auckland tweeted out to their 447 followers.

They encouraged Aucklanders to experience a trip or two with Uber – free of charge. I took two.

With the app pre-downloaded and registered, I typed in my desired lunch location and an Uber vehicle was en route. It was as simple as that. I knew the driver’s name, how he looked, how far away he was and most importantly (for me) what kind of car he was going to pick me up in.

The app notified me when he had arrived, and with the door held open, my friend and I hopped into a pristine Toyota sedan. The ride into the city was smooth and it was mint not having to worry about petrol or where to park. We got dropped off right outside our restaurant and with no mention of money, our driver opened our doors and thanked us politely.

45 minutes later, I typed in ‘Newmarket’ on the Uber app and we were greeted by the same driver who opened the door and asked us how we enjoyed our lunch. It was a very New York City moment.

At the end of both trips we’re asked to rate our experience out of five. I gave it a four.

It was great, and I seriously urge you to try it. Cheaper than a taxi, at an estimated $11-$14 charge for my trip, more reliable than a bus ride too, but cheaper than driving my car?

The amount of times I make the trip, maybe not. But the time I could save is too valuable not to use Uber again.

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