We’re Hard To Buy For

Guys, we’ve gotta admit, we’re notoriously difficult to shop for. Heck, often we’re not even sure what we’d get ourselves.

We’re often categorised as the bloke who’s already bought himself everything he wants or ones to insist we’re happy with nothing at all…but let’s not kid ourselves, the latter really isn’t a viable option. 

Let’s bypass the mundane and skip straight to the good bit. In other words, if you’ve forgotten to send your wish list, this is a good start.

Apple AirTag

If you’re anything like me, your hobbies include retracing your steps and finding the last place you put something down. But hey, it’s nearly the new year so…new you?

How about attaching Apple AirTags to your everyday items and keeping track of them via your iPhone? Sounds pretty good to me.

Priced at $29 each, or a package of four for $99, the AirTag measures 0.31 inches in height and 1.26 inches in diameter. AirTag uses Bluetooth to connect to other devices nearby on Apple’s Find My network. Location information then gets sent to iCloud, which results in you finding your items through the Find My app on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Camino Cup

Walking around with a single-use coffee cup was cool in 2010 but we’ve moved on. On the other side, a KeepCup in-hand shouts eco-warrior and I’m not into that ether.

But, I think I’ve stubbled upon neutral territory, where style meets sustainability and comes in the form of a lightweight, stainless steel insulated, Camino Cup made by Fressko. 

The Camino is set to elevate your daily brew. Vacuum sealed, scratch-resistant, featuring internal barista lines, with a spill-proof, screw-in, easy to clean, no fuss, lockable lid. You couldn’t ask for much more from a reusable coffee cup.

Mini GorillaPod Tripod

“Do it once and do it well.” What’s betting you’ve heard that a few times from your old man too? Well, he was right after all, especially when it comes to the digital era we’ve found ourselves in.

Content is king whether you’re a business owner, aspiring TikTok creator, or you’ve got a post-gym pump that needs just the right angle.

With flexible legs and rubberized jaw grips that can hold almost any smartphone, you won’t go wrong with a Mini GorillaPod Tripod.


Can’t find the time to head to the gym or at least that’s what you keep telling yourself? There’s a solution and it’s called Flow.

Weighing one pound each, these bands can help increase your heart rate and calorie burn whether you’re on a walk, running errands or even just completing household chores. 

With Flow, the world becomes your gym. Constructed with flexible elastic and ultra-strong velcro, Flow comfortably fits to your wrists or ankles to provide that extra weight to no matter the task.

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