2018 Land Rover Velar

Home to arguably one of the most contemporary SUVs on the market today is Land Rover. Last week I was given a set of keys to their latest and it most definitely impressed.

Introducing the 2018 Velar.


If any SUV is to be described as elegant it’s the Velar. From the flush-fitting door handles to the slimmed headlamps the Velar exudes an unrivalled staunch sophistication. Land Rover’s ‘reductive design approach’ has resulted in a design that is unquestionably head-turning.

Step inside the Velar’s cabin and it’s just as flawless as it’s exterior counterparts. Notable is the natural light streaming in from the optional panoramic moonroof creating an invitingly light and bright interior.

The Velar fits snug into what Land Rover calls the ‘white space’ between their Evoque and mid-level Range Rover Sport. Taking that into account, the cabin doesn’t feel compromised of space and passengers have ample leg room.


Keeping millennials in mind, you can now ditch the Velar’s leather upholstery and opt for a more planet-friendly ‘premium textile combination’ made up of sustainable materials including recycled soda bottles and wool.


In terms of experiencing the Velar’s diverse performance abilities, you won’t be able to tap into it’s true potential without acquainting yourself with the Touch Pro Duo.

The centre stack is where the brand-new infotainment Touch Pro Duo resides. Although it’s not class-leading as it still doesn’t offer Apple CarPlay, it’s been considerably refined from its predecessors.

Featuring twin 10-inch touchscreens, this is where you’ll control everything from seat temperature and massage settings to air suspension height and terrain response. Land Rover’s renowned terrain response allows you to inform your Velar of the conditions it faces up ahead, such as mud, grass, gravel, snow or sand – it’s not designed just for the showroom of course.


As you’d expect of an all-new model, the Velar comes equipped with active driver-assistance, autonomous emergency braking and lane-keep assist. Land Rover however, has added a few new ones to the Velar that aren’t so common like traffic-sign recognition and a drowsy driver monitor.


If I was to part any advice with you, it would be to not come to the Velar for Porsche Macan-like responsiveness. Like a proper Range Rover, it’s in command of most situations but it’s not going to push you into the back of your seat.

If you find yourself in a hurry, the sport mode does lower the body and shifts more power to the rear but that’s not the vehicle’s honest purpose. The Velar is most suited to taking charge of the highway or cruising through town.


Starting from $135,000 you can find out more on specifications at Land Rovers website here.

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