Meet Jordan Fresher

Create a short autobiography.

My Name is Jordan Fresher. I’m 19 years old, born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. I’m the founder and director of RIOT HILL.

What’s your daily grind?

 Honestly everyday is different, some days I’ll be designing, shooting, sewing, editing. And other days I’ll be packing and sending orders, running the online store and doing emails.

Describe the concept behind  “RIOT HILL”.

This is a tough question to answer because immediately I have a million things I could say about the concept but its hard for me to give a set answer when everything is constantly changing.
Don’t Sweat is and always has been a creative outlet for me. With every new collection I try to gage things that are true to me and mix that together with my imagination.

What inspires an idea?

I think I find inspiration for ideas pretty much anywhere. At the moment I find most of the inspiration for collections from music, movie characters and the people I meet. I try to stay away from drawing inspiration from the industry itself nowadays.
I think this past year I’ve learnt how important it is to stay true to yourself – not only in terms of inspiration but in general.

Are there things you don’t like about the industry?

I’m honestly far from being “in the industry” in my opinion so its hard to comment. What I will say that there’s always going to be shit you don’t like/don’t agree with in any profession. I could easily sit here and reel off things that annoy me but there’s no point because at the end of the day it is what it is.
People who are killing it right now in the industry have learned to adapt quickly.
 Who’s your biggest critique? 

I’d definitely say I’m my biggest critique. I would never put out something that I didn’t think was good. I also have a small team of  friends and from time to time I ask what they think if I’m unsure on certain things but other than that no one else’s opinions really matters.

What’s been most challenging so far?

Finding a stable manufacturer.

Being 19. Advantage or disadvantage? 

An advantage. I think when you’re younger people have lower expectations of you.

The future of “RIOT HILL”?

I’m a believer in the law of attraction. I know exactly where I want to be but honestly I just want to push the brand as far as possible. The response so far has been overwhelming and I’m just excited for the future.

In hindsight?

I would probably just take more time with everything. From sourcing to the design process – every detail matters.

Where do you go for your coffee in Perth, Australia?

Oli – down the alley on Beaufort.

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