Mazda BT-50

Revised from the ground up is an entirely new type of utility vehicle with complete versatility in mind.

Introducing Mazda’s latest BT-50.


Truth be told, the BT-50 has gone a bit unnoticed but it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

At first glance the BT is noticeably more refined than what you might expect from your average ute.

Mazda has given the BT-50 a well deserved revamp with what they’re calling the Kuroi package. With it you can expect an added black alloy sports bar, black alloy side rails and nudge bar, along with custom black 17 inch alloy wheels – what more could you want?

It’s dashingly good looks aren’t all that sets the BT-50 aside from it’s competing rivals ether.


From a reversing camera that appears up in the rear view mirror to the 200 horse power and 460 meters of torque under the hood, it would seem Mazda has effortlessly married capability with comfortability in one vehicle.

After spending a bit of time behind the wheel, majority aren’t going to feel too out of their comfort zone. You’ll notice how the BT-50 drives just like a passenger car but handles all the demand you can throw at it. This is likely achieved by the driver-activated rear differential lock that all 4×4 BT-50s have equipped. This helps the car maintain progress in extreme off-road conditions, if of course you ever find yourself in such a situation.


Unfortunately for the BT, the quality of the fit and finish falls short of the high standard set by Mazda’s passenger cars. It was the 7.8 inch infotainment system which let the side down for us. The design is ordinary and doesn’t feel well integrated with the vehicle.

That being said, the pros most definitely outweigh the cons with the BT-50s.

Stability control comes standard, as do head-protecting side-curtain airbags for rear passengers. Also worth mentioning is the BT’s Trailer-Sway Control. Activated, and the TSC feature will help stabilise the car if a trailer it’s towing sways from side to side.


What’s more, all BT-50s are covered by Mazda’s three-year, unlimited kilometre warranty. Click here to find out where you can get behind the wheel of your own BT-50.

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