Daimon Barber

A collection of grooming items should always be progressive; never stay stagnant.

If you’ve begun noticing your bathroom cabinet looking a little tired, a quick read on could solve just that. It’s time you parted ways with those products you swore by when you were fifteen. Turn your focus to a new and more relevant range.

Look no further than London based, classic males grooming company, Daimon Barber.

Daimon Barber is the result of a shared passion; two friends committed in setting a new standard for innovation in the men’s grooming. Focused on small-scale production and utilising the highest quality materials, Daimon Barber products will fit nicely into all of our morning routines.

After hitting the streets of London in 2011, the brand hasn’t looked back. They’re globally recognised for their entire range – everything from styling and shaving to skin and beard care.

The Sunday Times boldly described Daimon Barber as “unlike much of what has come before”. Their products prove this statement quite true. The entire range has been crafted from ethically sourced, highly effective plant actives and extracts. They avoid all nasty parabens and harmful chemicals. The result: an essential range of daily staples that you can be confident aren’t harming the environment or yourself.


If you work in and around the city centre throughout the day, you’re probably at risk of exposing yourself to dirt – air pollution, even dust from a construction site – which can be easily trapped within your pores. Give your face a bit of a breather at the end of the day with Daimon Barber’s Face Wash.

It’s formula is specifically designed to gently foam and cleanse to remove the dirt and oil that builds up on the skin’s surface. Days of worrying about dry skin can finally be over. Thanks to a unique Honeybee Moisture Complex, it aids in your skin’s retention of moisture too.


If you’re like me and enjoy to keep a bit of stubble or a trimmed beard, it’s important you show both attention to your facial hair and the skin beneath. Daimon Barber’s softening beard and stubble serum more than does such a deed. Containing a nutrient-rich combination of avocado oil and aloe vera, it maintains and moisturises the skin and the hair in a most healthy manner.

Credit to a hydrolyzed silk protein, the serum is easily absorbed for the softening of tough stubble. It contains Kahai oil of a high level of vitamin E. This is essential to protect, repair and replenish moisture levels in the hair. What’s more, the serum is sophisticatedly fragrant. You’ll experience an aroma of Egyptian Mallow and Oudh— a subtle reminder that the serum is active all day long.


Once a dream shared between two friends, Daimon Barber has become an ever-present reality. Now stocked by some of the world’s most prestigious retailers, their growing innovation looks to be the reason they maintain a constant step ahead of the rest.

Check out their stockist and online store for that cabinet refurbish you’ve long intended to get done.

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