2017 Staples

Known for their minimalist aesthetic, it’s clear On Friday Design understands the artistry of simplicity. The combination of a monochrome design with the Helvetica typeface delivers a range of products that are clean and contemporary.

Featured above is the 2017 tear-off monthly desk planner.


IMG_8341 copy

Named after the famous beach on New Zealand’s West Coast, Karekare Hair Tonic is one of Triumph & Disasters latest releases. Karekare is their first all natural sea salt spray, crafted with a blend of natural salts and essential root extracts. It takes dull, lifeless hair and gives it dose of much needed vitality.


IMG_8375 copy

For the whiskey enthusiasts and design aficionados, meet the Norlan Glass. Inspired by nature and digitally crafted, the Norlan Whisky Glass has proven itself a stand-out item for me this year. Designed to elegantly capture whisky’s complex flavors and aromatics, it delivers a whisky drinking experience like no other.


IMG_8424 copy 2

Legendary in handmade, all natural bread products, The Breaded Bastard leaves you looking and smelling like a man. Featured above is their Opium Den Beard Oil. With a subtle aroma of fine tobacco and coffee it’s delightfully intoxicating while the natural oils work at keeping your facial hair soft and the skin behind healthy.


IMG_8432 copy 2

If you’re after a quick and convenient way to brew your morning caffeine fix take note of Supreme’s Gold Coffee Filter. It’s 24-carat gold-plated micro-foil metal filter allows the coffee to express its own unique flavour without influencing the taste during the filtration process. Making great coffee doesn’t get easier than this.


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