2016 Ford Mustang

Meet the pinnacle of Ford’s ever improving range.


With their latest 2016 model, Ford has taken the Mustang a step forward.

Retro is a difficult one to nail but this car adheres to the brief. The new Mustang seamlessly integrates its old school heritage with today’s modern aesthetic.

You won’t forget you’re driving a Mustang with a speedo that registers ground speed, chrome toggle switches and of course, the classic Mustang steering wheel.


This legendary automotive is known for how it drives. From its 5.0 litre V8 engine to its ground hugging design, you become one with the tarmac jetting down the highway or cruising winding country roads. Its minimal road noise and sharp steering make for a stimulating drive. With credit to its V8 engine, it’ll send shivers down your spine the second you hit start.

Activate the Mustang‘s sports mode and you’ll up its game even further. You’ll start to feel the car kick and hear the engine scream to drive faster. It’ll climb to 100km/h in just 6.5 seconds if you let it.


Ford’s newest entertainment system also impresses with an easy to use 8″ touch screen that’s highly responsive and user friendly. It goes as far to mirror your iPhone so that you can send and receive text messages whilst also controlling music and sat nav.

The premium model is fitted with leather seats that are both heated and cooled, an ambient light package, keyless entry and a push start ignition.

The American Dream has never looked so good.


Overall, it makes for a vehicle that’s more than comfortable. Ford labelling the car as a full four seater, however, is a bit of a stretch. The back two seats are awkward to get in and out of and don’t provide you with much leg room or head space once seated.

The interior has a striking design, however one downfall can be found in the cheap materials that characterise it. After a while you really start to notice the hard plastics.


That being said, it’s apparent that Ford’s repositioning of the Mustang has been successful. Its ability to mix stunning performance, agile handling and refinement is almost unrivalled at this level.

For more information on the the different models and specifications head to Ford’s website.

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