Nespresso’s Creatista

Advancing the in-home coffee movement is Nespresso’s latest countertop coffee machine and it’s set to impress even the likes of George C.

The result of a Nespresso and Breville collaboration is the Creatista.


The Creatista is one of a kind and once it hits the shelves it’s sure to revolutionise the in-home coffee market. In a premium high gloss and polished chrome, it’ll be an eye catcher on any counter top.

Unlike your regular Nespresso machine taking up to 30 seconds to deliver a shot of coffee, the Creatista ups the ante and does it in 3. But that’s not the ultimate deal breaker. It’s unique automatic steam wand allows you to select a preferred milk temperature and texture, so you don’t have to be a barista to make your perfect coffee.


I had the opportunity to try the Creatista at their very own pop-up cafe. Designed by interior blogger “The Designer Chaser” the space combines the comforts of home with the convenience of a local cafe. Much like walking into a page of Denizen Modern Living, the area contains work from designers like Simon James.


With Breville’s stunning design and milk technology, the Creatista allows users to easily and conveniently create everything from a creamy cappuccino to a velvety flat white. They can then top it with foam of a cafe-quality design.

Retailing at $899 the Creatista can be found at the following Nespresso stocklists.

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