iPhone 7

Debatably the most popular device on the planet was officially released last month and boy is there some hype around it.

iPhone 7.


At first glance it appears almost identical to its predecessor. With the same screen dimensions, it could easily be mistaken for the 6 but take a second look and you’ll notice the 7 has a noticeably larger camera and an even bigger one on the plus.

However, it’s not the camera that has everyone talking. In fact one of the most talked about changes isn’t what the new device has – rather what it hasn’t. Apple is, once again, bringing changes we didn’t realise we needed – and in doing so, guiding another technological movement.

They’re introducing the first headphone jack-less iPhone.


Does this mean an included upgrade to the newly introduced AirPods? Unfortunately no it doesn’t. You’ll have to make do with an adapter until you purchase a pair of AirPods separately.

It isn’t all bad news when it comes to the iPhone 7’s audio though. Showcasing a new stereo set-up, the ear piece acts as an additional speaker improving the phones overall sound quality. The lack of a headphone jack can also be credited for the 7 being the first iPhone to be water resistant. Apple states that it can be submerged up to 1 meter and for 30 minutes but it may take a bit of adjusting to before that feels natural.

One change which may also throw us off is the home button. Turn your phone off and you’ll realise it’s actually not a button at all. The iPhone 7 uses a tactile engine that vibrates to give the user an allusion of an actual button.

With the help of a brand new F 1.8 aperture lens, the iPhone 7 captures 50% more light compared with the 6s. This keeps your snaps bright and sharp with a shallow depth of field.


Additionally the 7 houses some serious power with an all new A10 chip. I haven’t noticed any crashes so far and jumping between apps is seamless. The storage options have improved with the base model now starting at 32GB stretching to an impressive 256GB.

And battery life is now no longer an issue we’ll battle with on the daily. The iPhone 7 now has the longest battery life of any iPhone ever. So far it’s lasted me two days without charging – that alone is something worth upgrading for if you ask me.

If you can look past the similar design and lack of a headphone jack you’re not going to be disappointed with the new generation of iPhone.

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