It would seem that K Road has it’s arms wide open to the new and improved – but there’s spot in particular worth mentioning.


Providing for a new generation of workers, Holm sets out to create a new standard for Auckland’s inner city work spaces.

From the panned windows at the front to the industrial roller door at the back, Holm reminds me of that New York City apartment I’ve only dreamt about (something my Tumblr followers know all too well).

Under a roof of exposed pipes and plumbing is an open plan space that welcomes you to take a seat with a friend or your jotted down to-do list.


With it’s doors open from 7:30am till well into the afternoon and community tables road side, it’s clear that Holm places the community at the epicentre of it’s focus.

The space itself is spread out on a concrete floor and makes for the ideal work space out width your home. With 16 desk set-ups at the rear of the building available to rent, whether your a small business owner or social media influencer, you now have a space with all the essentials at hand.

This cafe hybrid has a desk waiting for you, a menu of handmade sandwiches and Red Rabbit Coffee brewed to your preference. Along with fast internet and even a private meeting room, there’s not a lot more you could ask for.


We think there’s nothing more ideal than grabbing a stool from along the bar, ordering yourself a good’ol cuppa joe and simply sitting back with what Holm has to offer.

295 Karangahape Road.

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