2016 Kia Sportage

Monday 29.09.16 – in my hands are the keys to one of the newest compact SUV’s to arrive on New Zealand’s shores: Kia’s 2016 Sportage.


In jet black, the Sportage stands staunch in front of an Auckland industrial background.

Alike to the Porsche Cayenne at the front, you’ll know exactly whats following you in traffic.

One prominent change from it’s predecessor is a 30mm longer wheelbase. This makes for a more accommodating interior and in addition to sitting high in the Sportage, you as a driver feel a lot more road presence.


The latest Sportage comes in four specifications, allowing you room to tailor the vehicle to your particular specificities.

You can expect all models to be equipped with impressive alloy wheels, air conditioning, electric windows and a bluetooth hands-free phone connection. It’s clear Kia has your basics covered whichever model you decide to drive away.

If premium finishings is more your thing, upgrading to the second specification will give you larger wheels, in-built satnav, a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers, and lane keeping assist. A big jump up from the standard model and a jump worth considering if you ask me.

Bump the price tag up a little bit more and your alloy wheels grow again and the seats become heated and leather.

Splash out with Kia’s top specification and added are front parking sensors, refined headlights, electric seats and their extensive range of active safety systems.

We suggest turning your attention to specifications 2 or 3.


Around town you’ll cruise comfortably. Point your Sportage out of the city however and it really starts to show-off it’s versatility.

With easy handling and soft suspension the Sportage makes for a relatively flush ride. It’s not an overly exciting drive but most users will cruise up High Street rather than tackle muddy ruts.

Kia’s touchscreen is refreshingly responsive and actually feels like some amount of thought was put into it; there’s no sense of a last minute decision here.

Although the interior feels solid, the design carries an outdated feel to it. Maybe it’s the chunky dials that take away from the interiors modern aspects.

Debatably the most important thing to mention is that the Sportage scored an impressive 5/5 in the NCAPS’s crash test. We put this down to the six airbags and electronic stability control that comes fitted in all models.


The 2016 Sportage is definitely a head turner to say the least.

Kia have really stepped their game up this year which will undoubtedly result in seeing more of these on the road to come.

14 thoughts on “2016 Kia Sportage

  1. I bought the base version at $29,999 which is fantastic value for money, a great car that has everything I ever need, it also had standard a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, but no LED Day Light running Lights, so I installed them myself and it looks great, also installed a chrome strip on the rear light clusters to create some contract between the red paint and lights, just used plastic strips, photos on link to my web page.

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  2. Not so keen on the front profile, I think it was designed in Germany, a rather strange choice, they always seem to favour very boxy out dated looking cars. I think the crucial challenge for the new Kia is how do eyes it match up to the mighty and very good looking Nissan Quashqai


    1. The Kia Sportage 2016 was designed by Peter Schreyer. He’s a German automobile designer and has worked for Audi and Volkswagen in the past. The Nissan Quashqai is a nice looking vehicle too.


  3. The specifications in this article are way off accurate. We have just bought an EX AWD and it does not have Satnav or lane assist. It does have front sensors though. Suggest if you like these, get yourself a brochure and take it for a test drive. You will be pleasantly surprised!


    1. Hi Andre, We mentioned that the Kia is available in four specifications. For the sake of simplicity we didn’t go into great detail but in fact there are 4 more sub-specifications. You’re correct the EX AWD 2.4 petrol/diesel does not have satnav or lane departure assist but the LTD AWD 2.4 petrol/diesel does. We appreciate your comment but our facts are not “way off”. It would become an awfully boring read if we detailed all 8 specifications. But for anyone who is interested, all the information you need is here: https://kia.co.nz/assets/Uploads/Model-brochures/KIA150558-Sportage-2016-Brochure-WEB.PDF


  4. When I saw the first photos of the new Sportage last year I didn’t like it at all, but over time you get used to the new design and now I think it looks very interesting, it grows on you and above all it is such a practical and spacious car and I was sold on it after a short testdrive, especially for that price of $29,990 for the LX version.

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