Walk through the revolving doors of the ANZ Events Centre and you immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of New Zealand’s fashion epicentre. Take a right past one of Mercedes newest S-Class sedans – champagne is flowing from the bar opposite.

Over the loud speaker the doors of a show are about to open, so you quickly pace upstairs to the Media Centre. You’ve spent most of your week writing and editing here. Drop your laptop and bran muffin from this mornings shoot and jog back down the stairs with your photographer pass around your neck and a DSLR in hand.


Through the curtain, position yourself in the best angle for shooting before the lights dim and the audience quietens. When the bass from Frank Ocean’s new EP Blonde drops, with that so will any coherent thought. You’ll be caught up in a whirlwind of flashes, loud music and applause, right up until the last model walks off the runway. You’ll zone back into reality as the room becomes flooded with people trying to leave.

Amidst the mayhem of fashion week, I tried to exude a calm and collected look. On the third day of fashion week I wore a Rains Journal Jacket over a Brixton Company long sleeve. If you haven’t already heard of Rains, consider yourself officially introduced – and note this one down. Based in Denmark they have specialised in modern and comfortable rainwear since 2012. I own a Rains Bag, Messenger Bag, and Jacket and have been impressed by all.

Brixton Company on the other hand has been around a little bit longer – since 2004 – and creates timeless apparel inspired by music, culture and the people that surround them. This ones also based out of the country but you can rest assured that both Rains and Brixton ship worldwide.

Keeping things in line with my street style approach, to day three, I wore faded-blue ripped jeans. Admittedly they are only cheapie sourced from Cotton On ($10 AUD) Actually, I bought them to get into clubs in the Gold Coast after forgetting to pack any long pants. It turns out I really quite like them.


There seems to be no end to this on-going craze for white sneakers so to keep on trend, I finished the outfit with a pair of Nike Air Max 90s. In crisp white with, leather detailing they make for the perfect summer shoe.

More coming soon so keep an eye out.

Photography Credit: Currently Loving Blog

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