For a blogger, New Zealand Fashion Week consists of a few things: photographing collections, editing photos, and compiling write-ups. This, of course, is in between networking with familiar and unfamiliar faces, and providing as much live coverage as possible to all those interested in viewing.

We do it because it’s exciting. It’s inspiring, and it’s refreshing. Regardless, the work put into this week certainly requires a lot of energy – especially if you plan to stick to deadlines. Our early wake-ups and late nights – caused by both after parties and blogging sessions – are exactly why fashion week couldn’t be more than one week. We just couldn’t keep it up. Anymore, and it would take more than the bowl of free energy gum and a long black to pick me up.

Regardless of our state, we’ll dress in the name of fashion: bold and determined. This is not a week for staying in your comfort zone – so I’ve been mixing it up. On the second day of Fashion Week, I wore the retro suit jacket pictured in maroon above. It’s black collar detailing reminds me of a Bruno Mars music video, or rather, 50s’ jazz in New Orleans. I’ve been walking in the same manner.

I’ve paired the jacket with my favourite washed black jeans from i love ugly. I swear by the brand when it comes to trousers – they’re impressive quality, and with a slim leg fit, an outfit looks smart and well-tailored.

It wouldn’t be my best foot forward if I didn’t do so in a steel grey derby boot. This shoe ties up the outfit just the way I like: adding a bit of a modern approach to what is an otherwise classic outfit. The suede upper and leather sole are a couple key features I love.

Keep an eye out for what I wear tomorrow.

Photography Credit: Currently Loving Blog

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