NZFW Opening Night

Let’s start with a disclaimer: I’m new to this. Not to the free glass of champagne or the trays of bluff oysters floating about the room (those things are easy to get used to), I mean the way in which we shall appear “fashion-y” at such an event as NZFW.

At some stage, I’ve got to stop chucking on a Stolen Girlfriends top with a pair of RL joggers, and claiming this as fashion. This is why this week, I’m about to express something different. The other side of a usually more tame me.

Instinctively on the endeavour to looking smart, I turn to Barkers. Name a man who wouldn’t? Barkers has backboned our male fashion scene here in New Zealand for generations. For us gentlemen, it provides classic, tailored items that create an effortless style. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Arguably the most distinctive item in last night’s outfit was the Barkers Oradell Houndstooth jacket. The combination of a double back vent with a well-refined cut gives the jacket a sleek, modern look. In crisp white, I pair the Amarillo Texture shirt. It features a subtle pattern, and ends with a french cuff. Such simplistic detail makes for an understatedly impressive item.

To complete my look, I chose a pair of pants from one of my most trusted brands: i love ugly. The Jonty pants in particular rock the straight leg fit and neatly roll at the bottom.

To bring back a bit of formality to a look edging on smart-casual, I tied in the Barkers Parkin Leather Shoe. Sourced of Italian leather, this shoe is a comfortable, yet stylish addition to my opening night look.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s look, and for more updates throughout Fashion Week. It ought to be a good one.

Photography Credit: Currently Loving Blog

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