The Neo Classic

Being able to snapshot, screenshot, or even photoshop on your iPhone is brilliant but those moments aren’t as easily blue-taced to the back of your bedroom door or snuck into a friends wallet for safekeeping.

Fortunately for us Fujifilm is back at it again, keeping up with our the digital age by revamping something Mum and Dad would’ve called ’trendy’.

Introducing The Neo Classic.


Although it stands to be the second film camera I’ve bought after the Diana F+, it still surprises me how novel this whole thing has become. People seem to gravitate towards it, some even ask for their photo to be taken – which is the complete opposite if you’re holding a DSLR in your hand.


If you’re anything like me, you’re drawn to the retro look Fujifilm have integrated into the camera design. From the bold shutter buttons to the black leather detailing, a distinctive 90s influence is apparent.

But the Classic takes things a step further than just appearances. With various shooting modes, behind the lens you have more control than most with an film camera. So once you’ve got it right, you’ll have a unique little moment to pocket or give away.

Tangibility is the Classic’s strong suit. In fact the first time I handed someone a little print was in Hanoi, Vietnam. My sisters and I had snuck out of our hotel to wander the city streets and visit the night markets when we got caught up in a game of street soccer. Throughout, not one word of english was conversed but a 1inch by 2inch group photo I gave to our opposing team said enough.


It’s being able to capture these experiences and interactions that draws me away from a 1080p LCD screen and makes me peer through a dusty viewfinder to capture something considerably more meaningful.

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