Juke and Joint


On the hunt for a fresh eating spot, I didn’t need to head any further than Akiraho Street, Mt Eden – the home of Brothers Brewery and American BBQ restaurant, Juke and Joint.

The quiet factory front is deceiving. Behind lies a brimming hub of culinary pandemonium. Full tables, copious amounts of delicious-looking food and of course, beer-tasting.


The service is something really refreshing. Like an authentic American BBQ, we’re asked to fill out an order sheet at the table, which we’ll later take to the chefs at the counter.

Classic burger buns lay contents-open waiting to be retrieved. A selection of delicious salads and sides with a plethora of sauces are set to satisfy any meat aficionado. Brothers Juke Joint have done it right.


I picked the outstanding Beef brisket (cooked for 14 hours) as well as pork ribs – served sticky, Memphis-style. Sides of burnt-end beans and tater tots were unlike anything I’ve experienced on the Auckland eating scene before: so simple yet so delicious. This food is no-fuss but full of flair.


All in all, Brothers combines it’s edgy location with outstanding food, and even better service. Such a combination makes it the place to be this Summer for a memorable yet affordable night with family or friends. Don’t hesitate to ask Nick for the finest house beer, nothing will complement the meal better!

Contributor: Jim Aimer 

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