Amidst the cityscape, at the base of Albert Park, is collaborative little food-store worth checking out.


This downtown newcomer, Scarecrow, provides a space you could happily waste the afternoon away.


Old-school benches, a florist stand and shelves packed of carefully curated local produce are just a few characteristics that make up this truely urban farmers market.


Scarecrow’s ethos is centred around knowing where the produce they stock comes from, who makes it and the story behind each item.

It would seem our midday hiatus is in good hands.

Whether it’s flipping the pages of a magazine or having a moment to appreciate your latest playlist; Scarecrow invites you to take some time out. Accompany that with a Kokako Coffee and we can’t think of much better.


Nourishing the wellbeing of urban dwellers and the likes is kitchen, florist and grocer: Scarecrow.

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