Amidst the cityscape, at the base of Albert Park, is collaborative little food-store worth checking out.


This downtown newcomer, Scarecrow, provides a space you’ll happily waste away the afternoon.

Old-school benches, a florist stand and shelves of carefully curated local food are just a few characteristics that make up the true urban farmers market.


Scarecrow’s notion is all about knowing where produce comes from and who makes it. Finally, our midday hiatus is in good hands. We’ll be inspired enough to buy their ingredients and create our own local meal.

Scarecrow invites you to take some time out. Whether that be through flipping the pages of a magazine or actually appreciating your latest playlist, I recommend you accompany it with their seriously good blend of Kokako Coffee.


Always on the look out for places to fill our coffee needs, I think I’ve found a spot that ticks the boxes.

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