Set against a concrete background is a premium 5-panel worthy of a double take.


With distinction stitched into it’s personality, the suede brim, leather strap and metal buckle stand to be the only running trend between this and it’s counterparts.

Inspired by 80 days of overseas travel, each panel tells a different story.

From the hunting arrows of Zambia to the folding fans of Japan, 80 days translate culture, custom, and country into illustration, innovation and individuality.


Behind this newly established brand are Kyle Myburgh and Finn Dinneen. The two creatives craft headwear that recognise us as the restless generation we are. 80 days is about breaking conventions. The same conventions we break every time we up and leave our mundane routines, in turn for uncharted roads and untouched fields.

Here’s a blank wall. With an 80 days cap on our head, we’ll be inspired to fill it. It’s time we followed freedom and adventure in sought of somewhere unimaginable.

Alike to us, these caps are roaming worldwide.


Model: Adam Ramsdale

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