Worth mentioning

In a Venn diagram of Auckland’s top brew, Camper Coffee would sit right in the middle. Lee  – the man behind your espresso – tailors the brew to your preference, making it a cup you’ll definitely find yourself coming back for.


When picking up a new fragrance for myself I tend to always look for cologne with a woody aromatic. Calvin Klein’s 2006 Euphoria, hits the spot for me with base notes of amber, cedar, and Brazilian redwood.


Infused with fulvic trace minerals, blk. mineral water is serious hydration. Providing us with a healthy after jog fix, blk water replenishes our bodies with powerful electrolytes we lose through sweat as we exercise.


If anything is worth mentioning this week it’s Stolen Girlfriends Club. After impressing at New Zealand Fashion Week, their new range of early 2000s inspired streetwear speaks for itself. Picking up a tee and bomber jacket from their Newmarket flagship store, it’s a brand I’ll continue to keep an eye on.


“Get organised.” An imperative that seems to always finds itself on my New Years resolution list. This year I’m stepping up my game with help from Kikki-k’s leather personal planner.


Woodworm’s Absinthium Cream is a staple product for this time of year. Leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, Woodworm provides us with a moisturiser to be used post-shave or to simply hydrate your skin now and then.


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