A Burger Burger Brunch?

Flipping burgers is something Burger Burger has triumphed.

We’ve trusted them with hunger busting burgers for lunch and dinner but things are changing up a bit.


Burger Burger is taking on Brunch.

Intrigued? So was I, which made me one of the first at the Newmarket store to get my hands on a brand new breakfast burger.

Your staple breakfast choices have been taken care of and are sandwiched between a melt-in-your-mouth 5 grain bun.

Literally putting breakfast into a bun is the bacon and egg burger. Constructed with free range bacon and eggs and a hollandaise sauce, you really can’t go wrong with this option.

Although, if you’re looking for something a little bit sweeter in the morning, The French and Maple Burger could be the one for you. Combining maple bacon and a grilled banana, savoury meets sweet and you meet something worth ordering twice.

And what would be breakfast with out a coffee? Ensuring that your burger doesn’t go solo, Burger Burger brews a crisp Eight Thirty filter coffee in light blue ceramic and clay mugs.

Available in both locations between 9am – 11 am every Saturday and Sunday, Burger Burger has your breakfast is sorted.


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