Six Barrel Soda Co. Winter Giveaway

Crafting handmade, all-natural soft drinks is one thing. Being able to create weird and wonderful combinations that actually work together, well that’s another, and it’s something Six Barrel Soda Co. have nailed on the head each and every time.

Down in Wellington, Six Barrel Soda Co. have been perfecting a unique soda that’s unlike anything on the market. Let me introduce Six Barrel Soda Co.’s new “Salted Cucumber and Mint Soda”.

Six Barrel Soda Co. isn’t in the game to become the biggest soda company but it plays to make the most interesting soft drinks and this one could be their most interesting yet.

Ticking all the boxes, Six Barrel Soda Co. combines real cucumber, mint and Marlborough sea salt to make their new range sugar free and all-natural. The new range holds a refreshing beginning and is dry and clean to finish.

But don’t just take my word for it, why not try it out for yourself? In fact thanks to Joseph Slater at Six Barrel Soda Co., Two Dark Coffees has a box of the new range and it’s ready to be shipped straight to your door. All you have to do to enter is click ‘share’ on this post’s Facebook link.

Good luck!


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