I’m writing this sentence at four minutes past one in the morning because it seems 12 hours in a day isn’t enough anymore.

Our lives move at such a pace that it’s nearly impossible for us to keep up with. We need devices strapped to our wrists or glued to our hands just to keep on top of the world that moves around us.

Now getting stuck in a traffic jam is a chance to finish off that email, being stopped at a red light is a chance to reply to that text, and your lunch break becomes a chance to pick up that present you haven’t bought yet or a catch up with that friend you haven’t seen in a while.

We need a place we can create time. Time to stop ‘doing’ and start ‘being’. Time to mute your phone, turn your screen down on the table and allow yourself to get lost in conversation with a friend, or the storyline of a book.

Hidden away in the back of Ponsonby’s newest concept store ‘The Shelter’, Blend Cafe & Bike Store provides us with the perfect retreat.

Blend’s main man, Drew Duff-Dobson has combined his passion for coffee and bikes into one store. Blend is the exclusive stockist for tokyobike. Founded in the small Tokyo suburb of Yanaka in 2002, the independent bicycle company has since expanded worldwide.


With over 20 years in and out of the coffee scene, Drew knows a thing about coffee too. This is why you’ll find his very own Smith Coffee on the shelves of Blend.

Just below the coffee machine, Blend’s glass cabinet holds baked goods from suppliers including Bread and Butter and Bluebells Cakery, too delicious not to try. With a guilt free attitude, I recommend adding one to your order.

From what I can see, Blend Cafe & Bike Store is all about quality. Quality coffee, bikes, and food, but most of all – a place for quality time.

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