Skincare Routine

Baxter Finley was onto something pretty damn good back in the early days of 1965. Starting with a simple skin conditioner, Baxter of California has expanded their range of products to suit all of mans needs.
Having been on the look out for a few products to help me improve my skincare game, Baxter’s Oil Free MoisturiserFacial Scrub and After Shave Balm are just what I’ve been looking for.
Inside the 120ml tube of Oil Free Moisturiser, science and nature combine to provide a fast absorbing and hydrating face lotion. Suitable for morning and night use, it leaves your skin smooth and shine-free.

 To be used less frequently (once or twice a week), Baxter’s Facial Scrub uses walnut shell powder and cornmeal which gently work away exfoliating dead skin cells and promoting skin renewal. For best results, I recommend following with the use of Baxter’s Oil Free Moisturiser.
The After Shave Balm mixes the soothing and hydrating properties of tea tree oil and aloe to reduce and protect your skin against shaving irritation, razor burn and dryness.

At $18, it’s a small price to pay for well looked after skin.

You can find their full range of products here. Alternatively, most Barkers‘ stock Baxter of California – that’s where I picked up mine.

One thought on “Skincare Routine

  1. Great blog post man! I've been looking at Baxter's for a while now; after reading this I might need to get myself some of their products!!


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