How to: Summer Road Trip

1. Swimming trunks and a towel. Swimming this year doesn’t have to mean trying to fit into those togs that were a size to small last summer. At $99, Huffer‘s Teardrop Swimming Trunks make a decent improvement and the teardrop design stands out just enough from the crowd. The Huffer Towel at $69 – which is made from soft 100% woven cotton – pairs nicely with the trunks and is perfect for spending hours on the beach or relaxing poolside.
(The designated driver should probably skip out on this one)
2. Along with turning 18, I’ve come to appreciate one of mans best friends. Beer. After following Brothers Beer on Twitter, it wasn’t long until I scrolled upon Garage Project‘s beer. Golden with a light body and bitterness, it makes for the perfect beverage to pass round after a hot summers day on the road.
3. Chucking a football or frisbee in the boot of the car just before you set off, is an essential when it comes to a Summer Road Trip. Having the option to play a light game of passes along the journey, is a good way to stretch your legs and grab some fresh air.
 4. As a kid I always ripped CDs of my favourite tunes and in green sharpie scribbled the words “Road Trip Songs” on the front of them. Times have changed but the principle stays the same. Now with the UE Boom, all your friends can connect their smartphones via bluetooth and blast their favourite songs down the highway – which means everyone gets a chance to be the Dj.
5. Embrace the gas station. No doubt you’ll enter a few along your travels. Lacking in speciality coffee and gourmet food, gas stations provide the basic necessities and that’s what road trips are all about. Doing with what you have and roughing it when you have to. All in all, making memories that will last a life time.

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