The World In A Day

Being invited to attend The Travel Corporation’s “The World In A Day” event on the 9th was exactly what any self-proclaimed foodie would’ve wanted to be invited too.

Heading above Ponsonby Central’s Market, we were handed two small plastic animals in which we could exchange for a free morning coffee.

 Cappuccino in hand, I was gravitated towards the black and orange of Al’s Deli’s logo. Bite sized bagels ranging from tomato and cream cheese to bacon and pickle were at my finger tips and soon in my stomach.

Walking past tables plated with Spanish tapas, breads and cheeses from Europe, and French crepes, the travel bug inside of me urged me to buy a ticket and fly out the following morning.

This travel bug was quickly subdued after checking my bank account balance, so I stuck with the free coffee and walked on.

Alice Hardly however, was lucky enough to be the winner of the Queenstown get away trip, which included flights and two nights accommodation.

“The World In A Day” hosted six of New Zealand’s top travel brands, including: Contiki, Adventure World, AAT Kings, Insight Vacations, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection and Trafalgar.

With deals flying around the room, if you were looking to grab a wicked travel package “The World In A Day” was the place to do it.

Closing the gap between your online and offline life, Social Playground provided one of their live Instagram printers. You simply had to #TTCWorldInADay to get any one of your Instagram shots printed.

This made for one of the highlights of the event for me.

Thinking you might have missed out? Don’t worry. Another “The World In A Day” is in the running for 2015.

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