From the simplistic tri-bar logo, to the Executive shirt, The Lucid Collective is a new expression of the modern day man. Simplicity, quality and a staunch approach make Lucid’s ‘Cold Wash’ range a cut above the rest. Committing to a palette of black, white and grey, Lucid Collective offers a stylistic approach to basic apparel.

Last Friday I headed behind the black cloth of The Nathan Club in Britomart to pick up pieces of the new range and have a brief chat to Alex – Head Designer of The Lucid Collective.

With a coffee in hand, and a friend beside me, I took the fresh pieces to two locations; Auckland’s Museum and Britomart’s Silo Park. These two industrial backgrounds seemed to share a lot in common with Lucid’s clothing – simplicity, modernity, and a distinct personality.

A man who wears Lucid Collective knows who he is, what he wants to say and where he’s going. In the words of Lucid Collective “Illegitini non carboundum” – “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”

2 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Cool to see more local designer stores popping up. Really like the photos too (I'm just starting to take up more an interest in photography for my own blog). Really enjoying your posts so far too! I will be checking out some of the foodie places you have mentioned for sure 🙂


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