Six Barrel Soda Co.

Where does the name ‘Six Barrel Soda Co.’ come from?

We knew we wanted to use ‘soda co’ as a nod to the style of drinks we do, classic inspired sodas. The Six Barrel is a take on a sixth barrel which is a small barrel used to make test runs and small batches of liquor and wine. That idea worked for what we were trying to do for our sodas, make experimental, interesting flavours.

Has your background influenced the products you make today?

I worked in cocktail bars for 6 years or so before we opened our first cafe in 2008, and our syrups and sodas certainly feature cocktail methods of flavour matching and balance.

Is there anything about Six Barrel Soda Co. that most people won’t know? 

People are often surprised we make it all out of our kitchen at our Eva st headquarters in Wellington. It’s pretty small so we have some creative storage solutions.

If you could change anything about Six Barrel Soda Co. what would that be?

I am pretty happy with things as they are, we’ve been lucky enough to avoid some decisions that wouldn’t have worked out and to have made some that helped us grow and learn. It would be nice to be better funded but we’re building from the ground up and I think people respect that.

What makes your Soda stand out from other Soda brands?

We make the most interesting sodas. Making in such small batches means we can always have new flavours, most brands contract out production in big volumes so that makes experimentation hard.


If someone is new to your brand, where should they start?

 If you’re drinking it at a cafe ask the staff what their favourite is. If you’re getting some for home think about whether you want something citrussy, rich or spicy. Raspberry & Lemon is our most popular and you can’t go wrong with that. Our classic flavours like Ginger, Lemon or Lime are all great as a start or if you’re a bit more experimental the Orange Dandy, Spiced Kola, Sarsaparilla or try one of our seasonal ones.

Do you personally have a favourite Soda?

Of our range the Celery Tonic or Orange Dandy are my favourites. A classic fresh lemonade is hard to beat too.

You told me that new products are soon to be released. Without giving to much away, what should fans of Six Barrel Soda Co. expect?

We have a new range of bottled sodas coming out, they will be popping up in good spots soon. They are tasting great.

And Finally, where in Wellington is your favourite place to grab a coffee?

 We’re pretty lucky here, nearby our headquarters I’ll go to Customs, Milk Crate or Lamason. I live in Berhampore and love Rinski Korsakov’s for a weekend cup.

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