The Franklin Wallet

Friday, usually the saving grace of the week, didn’t live up to it’s usual hype last week.

After receiving yet another parking ticket courtesy of the city council, it was going to take more than a sip of a good coffee to cheer me up.

The 4:30pm bell rang and finally I could take my frustrations into Newmarket. I found refuge in I Love Ugly. A store I’d never actually set foot in, but spent time scrolling through online.

The store was just as clean as the website. Pushing the glass door open, I was greeted with neat clothing and men’s accessories. Like in any shop, I did my usual quick scan.

And to my luck, found I Love Ugly’s brown leather Franklin Wallets. Appropriately characterised on I Love Ugly’s website as ‘low profile’, this wallet is an eye catcher for its minimalistic and functional design.

Made of genuine lamb leather, the quality of this wallet even extends to the checkered inner lining.

Us guys, we like to limit our accessories. We’re not like girls, who have their bracelets, their necklaces and KW glasses at one event. Then, their earrings, a different iPhone case at another.

We’re different. A watch, wallet and phone, and we’re set to go. So don’t complicate things. Your best bet, is to listen to your fathers advice: “Do it once and do it well”.

At $69 NZD for quality I Love Ugly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.


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