Herschel Supply Co. Jasper Backpack

Last Tuesday, I’d officially watched my school bag slouch in the corner of my room, for a week. Looking more than a little tired, the Herschel Supply and Co. Heritage Backpack needed an update.

After a good two years of lugging around heavy textbooks, I was confident it had done it’s dash. I headed straight to the Herschel’s website, in search of a new one.

Not long after, I got up and headed to the kitchen to brew a green tea. With so many different designs on offer,  picking mine was going to take a solid hour or two of serious concentration.

And, I’m back. Green tea steaming in front of me. The website promoting their new 2014 Spring Collection Jasper Backpacks. The two-toned backpacks look neat and minimalistic.

Available in four colours and one pattern, I narrow my choice down to the Grey and Sun Soaked colour. The pop of yellow sure to stand out a mile amongst the black macpacs all my peers have.

Red and white pin-strips on the inner keep things interesting. From the leather zipper pulls to the mesh water bottle pocket, it’s clear Herschel is still all about details.

I’ve owned my Jasper Backpack for two days now, and over that time, responded to 13 people asking where to find one.

Head over to their website now, and have a look for yourself.

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