Little Bread and Butter

To all the people who ignore the fresh smell of newly-baked multigrain bread, coming from nearby bakeries, I commend you. You have a lot more self control than I do.

I’m constantly wandering off my path to follow this undeniable attraction.

On one of the many occasions, I was glad to have followed the scent. I ended up in the newly opened bakery and cafe, Little Bread & Butter, located in Ponsonby Central.

Focused on providing handmade delicacies, Little Bread and Butter, as the name hints, produce their own butter, and bake their own bread.

They encourage the customers to toast it themselves, using the communal toasters. This way, we can get it just the way we like it.

You’ll find their organic treats finely displayed in a modern glass cabinet. Next to these, the front counter is crowded with indulgent pastries and cakes.

In this week’s attempt at a health kick, I swiftly avoided this section – but no doubt I won’t be as successful next time.

Admittedly, it took me about 10 minutes to choose my afternoon sandwich, finally deciding on the chicken and avocado – a ‘go to’, when they all look so good. It was tasty and fulfilling. A lovely combination, with just enough avocado, to my liking. And at roughly $5.00, I didn’t feel bad about eating it.
I’m sure I’ll revisit. Not just for the sandwich, but also for their cappuccino – bowl sized, and completely necessary – especially in times as stressful as the last week of school.

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